Welcome Home, Jenni

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 “Hillcrest has story after story of families who are committed to changing their circumstances, but who just needed a little help along the way,” said Hillcrest President & CEO Tom Lally. “It is our great privilege to travel alongside these youth, individuals, and families willing to walk away from homelessness and become self-supporting, contributing members of our community.”

One such individual is Hillcrest graduate, “Jenni.” When Jenni first came to the organization, her past issues with addiction and incarceration were barriers to finding and maintaining a stable living environment. Hillcrest provided her a furnished apartment and a case manager to help her build the life skills she needed. During the 90-day program, she learned how to meal plan, budget her income, and developed new career goals. She started setting aside a little each month for savings, regained custody of her children, and found a higher paying job.

Today, Jenni is thriving. With the help of her budget counselor, she recently made a down payment on her own home after saving $15,000. She was even discharged from parole two years early, thanks to the work she put in reclaiming her life.

Solving homelessness in Kansas City is neither quick nor easy. Last year, Hillcrest helped 175 households transition from homelessness; and while Hillcrest boasts an 83% success rate for its clients, the organization receives far more applications for its programs each year than it is able to serve.

“We are committed to the work of solving homelessness in the Greater Kansas City area,” said Lally. “It will take time. It will take the support of donors and volunteers. It will take the long-term effort and commitment of the families we serve. However, we’re in it for the long haul – for the stability of our community and for the sake of families like Jenni’s.”

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