Solving Homelessness for All

Statement on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Through Hillcrest, we have the strength and power to bring people together. Our organization, through our mission to solve homelessness, works to address the community needs of all people and ages.

At Hillcrest, we have the power to make a difference as we do our part to listen, learn, and take action to ensure that we meet the challenge of making positive changes for all Hillcrest audiences, including persons of color and any underrepresented groups in our communities.

For over forty years, Hillcrest has provided programs that promote goodwill and better understanding between people of different cultures and nationalities. Hillcrest will continue to do the same and will move forward to celebrate diversity and find peaceful solutions to make our community a better place.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Hillcrest implementing this statement?
A variety of Hillcrest stakeholders expressed interest in having open discussions about how we approach diversity and minorities. The need for this statement came from those discussions. While this statement is being released now, much of its content has been part of Hillcrest's values all along.

Is Hillcrest changing its mission because of this?
No. The core mission to be the regional leader in solving homelessness remains as steadfast as ever. Hillcrest has always served all people who need our services.

What audiences and populations are included in Hillcrest’s DE&I Statement?
The simple answer is EVERYONE is included. We are all part of a larger community of people experiencing homelessness and the people serving those in need. This larger community encompasses everyone, including persons of color, people with disabilities, all age ranges, all genders, all gender expressions, persons of all faith and those not associated with any faith, and people who are or have been homeless.

Also included in the statement are program applicants and residents, those seeking to work at Hillcrest as well as existing staff, Board members and prospective Board members, volunteers, thrift store customers, financial supporters, vendors, and governmental jurisdictions.

How is this different from what Hillcrest has done in the past?
This is not different. Hillcrest continues to serve all individuals, families and youth who are interested in completing the Hillcrest program.

Is Hillcrest now supporting political parties / agendas?
No. Hillcrest has not, nor will ever support, endorse, campaign, lobby and/or fund any political candidate, party and/or issue. As a recognized IRS 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, Hillcrest is legally obligated to refrain from engaging in political activities.

Hillcrest remains an organization committed to solving homelessness. We will advocate for public policy and systemic change that provides the best possible programs for our residents.

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