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Is Transitional Housing right for you? Adult Transitional Housing Program

Hillcrest provides a 90-day housing program to help individuals and families gain housing and financial stability. Residents are provided a fully furnished, rent- and utility-free apartment while participating in the Hillcrest program, which includes weekly case management, budget counseling, life skills, and community living. Housing sites are located in Independence, Sugar Creek, and Lee’s Summit in Jackson County, Missouri; in Kansas City in Wyandotte County, Kansas; and in Overland Park in Johnson County, Kansas.

Basic program qualifications

  1. Adults must be able to find and maintain 35-40 hours per week of employment.
  2. Participants must be able to attend 4-5 weekly sessions for life skills, case management, and budgeting. These will be scheduled around work and school commitments.
  3. Participants must be drug- and alcohol-free.
Hillcrest Transitional Housing has a proven record of success at helping youth, individuals, and families overcome homelessness. However, Hillcrest is "a hand up, not a handout." Participants should anticipate a challenging program that demands self-control and personal growth. In return, Hillcrest offers offers accountability, guidance, and support.


Youth Transitional Housing Program

Hillcrest provides a transitional housing program for unaccompanied, unhoused youth, ages 16-24. Residents are provided a fully furnished, rent- and utility-free apartment for up to two years while working toward: BEEP (Budgeting, Educational, Employment, and Personal) Goals. Youth housing sites are located in Kansas City, KS, Independence MO, and Overland Park, KS.

Basic program qualifications

  1. Participants must be able to attend 4-5 weekly sessions for life skills, case management, and budgeting. These will be scheduled around work and school commitments.
  2. Youth program participants must have an educational goal (diploma, GED, college, vo-tech, etc.), and be willing to find 10-15 hours per week of employment.
  3. Participants in the youth transitional housing program must be age 16-24.


Rapid Re-Housing for Families & Youth - KC Northland & NW Missouri

Is rapid re-housing right for you?Hillcrest also offers a rapid re-housing, a non-residential housing program for adults and youth through its offices in Clay & Clinton Counties in Missouri and Northwest Missouri (Andrew, Buchanan, Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Livingston, and Ray Counties). Youth services are available for 12-24 months, and adult services are available for 3-6 months. Services include: case management, housing location assistance, budgeting assistance, and financial assistance to move clients into rental housing.

Clients must be literally homeless to qualify for this program, meaning you are living on the streets, in a car, or other place not meant for human habitation; living in an emergency shelter; or, fleeing domestic violence/assault. Applying for RRH begins with a Coordinated Entry Assessment.


Coordinated Entry Access - KC Northland, NW Missouri, Saint Joseph

Hillcrest is a Coordinated Entry Access Point for the Missouri Balance of State CoC (Region 4) and the St Joseph CoC.

Coordinated Entry (CE) is a process where several agencies work together from a combined list of people in need of housing assistance programs in their area. The Kansas City area has several different CoCs (Continuum of Care) in our region, usually split by counties. Each CoC keeps its own Prioritization List, and may choose different client circumstances as top priorities for their area.

The Hillcrest Rapid Re-Housing programs (available on the Kansas side, in KC's Northland, and through a wide area in Northwest Missouri) pull from the CE List. If you're currently homeless and wanting to find housing in the KC Northland, Northwest Missouri, or the Saint Joseph area, Hillcrest can complete a Coordinated Entry Assessment with you and get you on the MO-BoS or St Joe Prioritization Lists. We also have information for Access Points in other nearby areas.


Do you need an emergency shelter?Other Emergency Resources

Hillcrest is NOT an emergency shelter. The typical waiting list time for Hillcrest Transitional Housing is 8-12 weeks. Our waiting list for the rapid re-housing program is currently 10-24 weeks.

If you are in need of emergency housing, shelters, rent/utility assistance, or want to apply with additional transitional housing facilities, use the following list of local resources. We also recommend contacting the United Way’s 2-1-1 telephone help line to assist you in locating the appropriate services for your specific needs. Dial 2-1-1 from your telephone to connect with the help line.